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    Rubies for baby Ruby...and Catherine, too.

    I've been busy this weekend! Putting together lots of pretties for my home party on Tuesday and the boutique in October. But, by far my faves are the personalized stationery I did for a couple of baby gifts for our friend's and family's new arrivals. Ruby-inspired, our friend and neighbor's 5th child arrived just over a week ago. So, we had to pick up this pomegranate metallic scalloped paper for her and of course embellish with RUBIES for Ruby! And sweet Catherine is our cousin's new baby and she just had to have the same. I love how they turned out. I will be offering this style for custom order coming soon, so email me if you're interested!


    88 flowers for grandma

    My grandma's 88th birthday was this year. I created this canvas to showcase an 88-flower bouquet just for her. And because Natalie Merchant's song Kind & Generous is one of my all-time faves, I used the words as a way to make it extra special. I love doing personalized canvas gifts. I made up a special one for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary recently as well. And for Christmas gifts last year I created flower bouquets for my co-workers using flowers punched from the pages of our magazines. Those were extra special because of all the time we (lovingly) spend on each page.

    {Pssst....the flowers are punched from a Vera Bradley shopping bag! I know, I am so green...I do love to "up"cycle!}


    dreaming of stationery

    So the dream was always to become a stationery + invitation designer. I love, love, love paper and of course have been a designer and art director for so many years it seemed like a no brainer. But, every time I thought "now's the time!" something else seemed to get in the way. So, now seems to be yet another "now's the time" type of opportunity. So, what do you think?

    Should I call the paper line Raspberry Prairie? Will it work in a retail environment? Am I better off going straight to etsy? Will I be able to do non-personalized, as well as personalized items? Can my dream spin into reality?

    Do you have a dream? How did you make it come true?