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    Rubies for baby Ruby...and Catherine, too.

    I've been busy this weekend! Putting together lots of pretties for my home party on Tuesday and the boutique in October. But, by far my faves are the personalized stationery I did for a couple of baby gifts for our friend's and family's new arrivals. Ruby-inspired, our friend and neighbor's 5th child arrived just over a week ago. So, we had to pick up this pomegranate metallic scalloped paper for her and of course embellish with RUBIES for Ruby! And sweet Catherine is our cousin's new baby and she just had to have the same. I love how they turned out. I will be offering this style for custom order coming soon, so email me if you're interested!


    Creative collaboration

    My friend Erin of Erin Page Designs has been a great cheerleader for me lately. She's an amazing jewelry artist and painter, and she's at galleries and boutiques all around the area. Her creative inspiration has really helped me jumpstart my creative interests, and for that I am extremely grateful.

    But this necklace, one of Erin's lovely creations, is what I am VERY thankful for, though! I was lucky to have won it in a drawing at an event recently and I am soo excited to be able to share it here.

    In our effort to continue to inspire and motivate each other, I've decided to host a jewelry party here for Erin, and of course will throw in some of my little lovlies, too. So, if you're local be looking for more information coming soon regarding our little jewelry + paper party!


    Paper crush

    So I love paper. I mean, in a not so natural way. It started with first grade, I think. I am pretty sure I laid eyes on the myriad of spiral notebooks, loose leaf papers and {oh my} colorful construction paper in the cart when my mom took me school supply shopping I was hook line and sinker. The smell of paper. The feel. The possibilites. As an artist and a writer, the potential of a blank piece of paper is almost intoxicating.

    Even still, the idea of scrapbooking paper has never been a favorite of mine. I feel a bit wasteful, almost like I am cheating. It is a luxury and since I don't scrapbook myself I never feel at home at a scrapbooking store. What is a crop anyway, right? I mean, cropping to me is tool in photoshop, not a Saturday night activity.

    Even still, as my paper arts have evolved these types of papers (in limited amounts) have become really handy and helpful. So, I pick up sheets sparingly and remind myself it is no different than fabric. It is a tool, and oh my some of these papers are gorgeous, right?

    Whenever there is an opportunity my first choice is to upcycle a used greeting card or shopping bag, pages of an old book or even the dictionary. But, some days, like today, I just had to indulge myself in some crispy new sheets and my, my, I think I have a paper crush! You?