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    Flower art

    A friend asked me recently to consider creating a piece for a charity auction coming up for a great agency she's involved with volunteering for. I told her I'd mull it over -- what would I create, and how could I best represent what I do at this type of event?

    I starting playing this weekend, and my process evolved through some sketches and well, taking out every fabric I own and throwing it around the family room, and voila! I came up with flowers on canvas. Now, I do not think these will be the final pieces for the auction but I am liking the direction. It seems to have a fun, whimsical feel while allowing for tons of variety in color, texture and feel.

    I am wondering, how do these feel? Are they kitschy, fun, different enough to look like my art, but feel thoughtful and finished enough to work in an art setting?


    New supplies...

    In Kansas City on the first Friday night of each month, downtown comes alive with art! It is such a creative person's dream...just strolling from one gallery to the next checking out every nook of the Crossroad's District from the street performers to the food trucks and aart, art, art inbetween.

    On of my most favorite places to visit is Hammerpress. I remember the first I stepped foot into that place, and I fell in love with letterpress printing. (This was way before Letterpress was cool. Not that there was really a time it wasn't cool, but you know what I mean.) I was a graphic design student on a field trip...and I thought I'd hit the big time! I was so happy to be in a creative field and visiting this printshop downtown was a big deal for me.

    It has since moved on to a much bigger building, and a great gift shop filled with my favorite things: baker's string and kitschy potcards, not to mention a great selection of washi tape and darling wrapping paper. So I picked up a few gems and can't wait to get back to creating this week! Thanks KC for a great Friday night spot for inspiration!


    Hot pinkie...

    This is another peice using the quote from the secret garden. And it has extra-special gems in each of the flowers. Looks like this little treasure will be available at the new Charm Boutique in Martin City starting next Thursday, September 20. I am visiting tomorrow, and will have a chance to show off the place and tell you more about it then!


    Birthday flowers for Aunt Kimmie

    My sister-in-law has her birthday this week, so of course I had to whip up a bouquet of flowers for her! Happy birthday day Aunt Kim, we love you!


    99 flowers...counting with coins

    So here's a sneak peek of my 99th bithday canvas I am creating for my good friend Marcy's grandmother's 99th birthday. (Actually, it is her husband's grandma esther in Chicago.) Cute, right? And of course I am totally honored. I love seeing it come together. But why the coins, you are probably wondering? Last night, in a panic, I realized there was no way I could get a good count of the number of flowers because they're placed in such a random pattern on the canvas. So, I waited until this morning, when the canvas was dry, and covered each flower with a coin as it was counted, so that I could keep track. The big reveal of the finished canvas later!