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    Pleated pillows.

    I love, love, these pillows. So much so that I rearranged my entry hall just so that I would have a place to put them! The funny thing is they started out to be a tote bag, which I found a tutorial for in this darling sewing book I picked up a few weeks ago. But, after painstakingly measuring, pressing, basting and fusing the pleated panels I could bear to ruin them trying to peice together the rest of the bag! I am just not a confident enough seamstress to risk screwing it up! So, instead I cut peices to make pillowbacks and Gracie and I stuffed them, and voila! I was happy to have scraps to add fabric flowers, since I am obsessed with them these days.

    I think they're too cute to put up on Etsy -- I am going to have to keep them! But, now that I know how to pleat -- watch out! I am sure there will be more to come very soon!


    A little late...but here are my 3.

    Thanksgiving Day was super warm here -- and good weather or bad -- it is our family tradition to take a Thanksgiving Day hike, usually at the Arboretum. This was a big one for us! The girls are both old enough to go pretty far and we walked several miles. It was out first Thanksgiving with our dog, Bella, who also came along. I loved how this photo turned out because you can see each of them individually...walking along seperately, but together they make up the most important 3 people in my life. On Thanksgiving Day, and everyday, I am eternally grateful. I can't imagine anyone luckier than me...and my three.


    Letter pillows...I might be in love!!

    Early this morning I decided to tackle one of the projects I've been wanting to make for my neice & nephew for Hanukah. I didn't really have a plan, though I had looked at a few blogs. I decided just to go for it! And I am super excited! Not perfect, but what is? I love love it! Maggie's own special pillow...seems playful yet sort of sophisticated, don't you think? And it wasn't all that hard! Of course now I have a new place to use my new fabric flowers, too, which is super fun. I can't wait to make Ethat's "E" pillow next!


    It's giving Tuesday.

    Every year my kids Religous School does a marketplace of non-profit organizations on a Sunday morning in November. The agencies each set up a booth in the social hall and the children get to go to each table learning about the different non-profits and what they do. The kids are given play dollars to donate as they choose --  giving a dollar to the Ronald McDonald House, and maybe $2 or $3 to another agency, such as Safe Home or Operation Breakthrough. It's a simple yet brilliant concept.

    There is only one problem: I cry. Every year, I cry. Not blubbering or anything, but at each of the booths, standing there with my two beautiful, healthy children, learning about kids at camp because of cancer, or children being abused by their own father, or hearing that children go hungry, I can't help it. How can I be so lucky? How are we so fortunate? And I hope no one will see, but I know Natalie notices I have a lump in my throat while trying to tell her what Safe Home is. How do you explain to a sweet 7 year old girl that some mommies aren't safe in their own home? That they might have to take their two precious kids and leave -- often with none of their belongings, possibly on a moment's notice, and believe that everything will be OK, somehow.

    Or that Make a Wish provides these wonderful trips because it is likely that child's last? The smiles at Disney, or on the beach, that we see in the photos just might be all that mommy has now, in her album at home on her kitchen table, holding onto that one memory.

    And I'm conflicted: I don't want their fragile innocence broken. I don't want them to know that children die. That daddies hurt mommies, or that children go hungry. But I want them to know how fortunate they much they have to live for, and to have the greatest perspective on life: we are grateful. So, we go, and we give our dollars, and I cry. I hope these small and gentle introductions will help them understand a little about the world without breaking their spirit.

    This year I am donating my fabric flower brooches to Safe Home for their Holiday Store. I will take their girls with me to deliver them and hope it'll be another teaching opportunity. Are you doing a holiday giving project with your children? I would love to hear about it.


    Logo Love

    I'm so excited to have the opportunity to design a logo for a friend and fabulous photographer, Rachel Closson. An opportunity to design for another artist is really inspiring (not to mention really fun!) And besides Rachel's fabulous design taste, I just love being able to help a small business owner grow and find their personal identity. A realtor, an accountant, even a dentist can own their certain look and leverage it to help them succeed. To reach Rachel, send her an email here.

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend! I am whipping up some other lovelies today as well! I have some custom-ordered stationery, and might even whip up some cards for Charm's black Friday sale. Thinking about getting out the old calligraphy pen! What are you doing this weekend? Putting those creative minds to work? Do tell!