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    Vintage prairie

    So, it has always been a huge love of mine to shop vintage markets, estate sales and antique stores. I often spend way too much time looking at Craig's List, browsing Etsy and hoping garage sales on summer weekends. And this weekend was a huge treat because my friend Erin and I (the creative genius behind Erin Page Designs) went to breakfast downtown at such a fun organic restaurant called You Say Tomato.

    After we ate we went searching for a fun and funky spot to shop, and did we find the perfect spot! At the longtime Bitterman's building at 31st & Gillam they've added a vintage shop called Eye Candy. It was such a fun shopping experience and reminded me how much I love to shop vintage!

    I found two fun treasures on Saturday, which got me excited pull out some of my other fave vintage treasures. And now, I am trying to decide: jump into Etsy vintage? Hmmmm....


    Today's walk...puddles 

    We are having a super-warm day here today! It was 48 degrees when we went out this morning before school. It was wet from the rain and the girls held hands the whole way. I had to insist the girls didn't take a huge leap right into the biggest puddle, but Natalie was ready for school and so we couldn't just throw caution to the wind. I think we could go farther and do more, but I also think the key to the success is for me to know how quick and easy 20 minutes really is. And that in this case less is more. It leaves us wanting more...looking forward to tomorrow's walk, and itching to get out again.

    Did you take a walk with your kids today?


    A 20 minute walk every day

    It's official. The girls and I are taking (at least) a 20 minute walk everyday -- as long as it is over 20 degrees. This brilliant idea was from Gracie's allergist. She's had ongoing tummy issues and he hoped that maybe this would help, and even if it doesn't it is still genius! I love get a chance to talk, no distractions. You get fresh air and well, you get to stretch your legs a bit. Gracie and I were walking to school back in the fall, but then it got cold, days get shorter, and well, things get busy.

    But, I've decided if we're too busy for a 20 minute walk then something's gotta change. I think it is a great life's rule, don't you? I mean, really, you should never be so busy you can't take a 20 minute walk with your kids.

    I've been back to Jazzercise since the new year and I love it. It makes me a better mom -- I get a great start to my day (hello, 5:40 AM!) and I am more calm, patient and peaceful all day long. So I am not looking for this walk to be my excercize, which is key. The only expectation is to move, just a little, and maybe I'll take my camera...just to capture the moment. Don't you think?

    I am sort of inspired by this really simple idea, aren't you? Won't you take a walk with your kids today?



    Flower art

    A friend asked me recently to consider creating a piece for a charity auction coming up for a great agency she's involved with volunteering for. I told her I'd mull it over -- what would I create, and how could I best represent what I do at this type of event?

    I starting playing this weekend, and my process evolved through some sketches and well, taking out every fabric I own and throwing it around the family room, and voila! I came up with flowers on canvas. Now, I do not think these will be the final pieces for the auction but I am liking the direction. It seems to have a fun, whimsical feel while allowing for tons of variety in color, texture and feel.

    I am wondering, how do these feel? Are they kitschy, fun, different enough to look like my art, but feel thoughtful and finished enough to work in an art setting?


    The world needs people who have come alive.

    Yesterday the girls and I went to the library. I picked up several books, and last night dove right into one, called Fool's Gold, by Susan Wooldridge. The intro chapter starts with this quote from Harold Thurman Whitman:

    "Don't ask yourself what the world needs, and then go do it. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

    This is HUGE for me...huge! For years now I've been looking to figure out how to best make my talents fit into a prescribed position in society. Right? I mean, everything in life from career fairs on campus to top jobs lists in Forbes, promotes the idea that you need to figure out what the world needs you to do, right? And not only that, but you should pick that one thing and stick with it. And get better and better at it and deep dive on your specialty for the rest of your life. Right? I mean, those are the people our society values. The experts. The people who have xx degrees + xx years of experience = experts.

    But, to love doing something, to come alive doing it and putting your heart into is really the life's work that interests me. So to remind me of this every single day, I created a printable with this quote, that you can have here.