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    Vintage prairie

    So, it has always been a huge love of mine to shop vintage markets, estate sales and antique stores. I often spend way too much time looking at Craig's List, browsing Etsy and hoping garage sales on summer weekends. And this weekend was a huge treat because my friend Erin and I (the creative genius behind Erin Page Designs) went to breakfast downtown at such a fun organic restaurant called You Say Tomato.

    After we ate we went searching for a fun and funky spot to shop, and did we find the perfect spot! At the longtime Bitterman's building at 31st & Gillam they've added a vintage shop called Eye Candy. It was such a fun shopping experience and reminded me how much I love to shop vintage!

    I found two fun treasures on Saturday, which got me excited pull out some of my other fave vintage treasures. And now, I am trying to decide: jump into Etsy vintage? Hmmmm....


    Find of the year!

    I am seriously so. in. love. with the awesome vintage flash cards I found at the flea markets on Saturday. First of all, check them out. The color is so jazzy, almost cobalt, super graphic but a little bit old school blueprint I couldn't help but snap them up! And then, just look at them. A big 'ole arrow pointing to the planet (dotted with the proper number of moons, thankyouverymuch) and whamo! Education at its finest. Of course, I am not even thinking to myself "now what planet could this be?" -- aside from the obvious, Staurn -- but all I had to do was hand them over to Natalie, and it was like a party trick in action. Watch the 6-year-old rattle off the correct planet names...and ooh and ahh in amazement! Which I did, but only because that's what I always do when it comes to my girls. And so at 50 cents each, these have got to be my best find ever. Now, what to do with them? Something with a frame, right? And a mat or a poster or maybe a mobile...hmmm....

    Oh, and if you are in the Kansas City area and you've not been to the West Bottoms on the first weekend of the month, you've got to go. Good Juju is there, as well as Liberty Belle and Bottoms Up Antiques. All great opportunities for super tasty finds like this one! So get out there and explore!