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    Letter pillows...I might be in love!!

    Early this morning I decided to tackle one of the projects I've been wanting to make for my neice & nephew for Hanukah. I didn't really have a plan, though I had looked at a few blogs. I decided just to go for it! And I am super excited! Not perfect, but what is? I love love it! Maggie's own special pillow...seems playful yet sort of sophisticated, don't you think? And it wasn't all that hard! Of course now I have a new place to use my new fabric flowers, too, which is super fun. I can't wait to make Ethat's "E" pillow next!


    A is for alphabet

    So you could say I am obsessed with type. Letters. The alphabet. From typography to calligraphy, I cannot get enough of the alphabet. I guess it is a perfect fit then that I'm the art director for a magazine.

    So I recently made some cute paper covered wooden letters for Gracie's room, and after showing a photo to a friend she asked for an A for her niece, Addia. Yes, Addia. Is that the sweetest name, ever? She said they call her Addie. So, here is Addie's letter A. Secretly I was super happy because A is pretty much my favorite letter. Besides the fact that it is the boss of all the other letters, the line leader and even in charge of the most elite alapha group, the vowels, it is gorgeous. Right? I mean, there are so many great varieties, upper and lower, on a fabulous letter a.

    While I am still considering putting some of my designs in this new little boutique down the street on the railroad tracks, I am also interested in adding a shop to the blog! And maybe, just maybe happy little letter A's and some of A's friends, will be the first to pop up!?

    Happy friday!