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    A little late...but here are my 3.

    Thanksgiving Day was super warm here -- and good weather or bad -- it is our family tradition to take a Thanksgiving Day hike, usually at the Arboretum. This was a big one for us! The girls are both old enough to go pretty far and we walked several miles. It was out first Thanksgiving with our dog, Bella, who also came along. I loved how this photo turned out because you can see each of them individually...walking along seperately, but together they make up the most important 3 people in my life. On Thanksgiving Day, and everyday, I am eternally grateful. I can't imagine anyone luckier than me...and my three.


    Annabelle Molly

    So my first shoot from this morning highlighted two things: 1. Our new dog is super cute. 2. I have a lot to learn. I need to find a community of photographers (or create one!) to really get to the bottom of this. I do think I might sleep with my new camera under my pillow tonight. Again, two reasons: 1. I love it. 2. I think I will learn everything about it by osmosis while I slumber. That's how it works, right?