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    Inspiration a la calligraphy practice

    I decided to finally try my white ink! What do you think? I am having fun with expirementing with a few different styles. Just tweaking my "look" and how to make it flow. It isn't perfect, but it sure is one of the most sure-fire ways I know to switch yourself into left-brain mode quick! I am ready to do some more! Anyone doing modern calligraphy these days? I'd love it if you'd link up to your work.


    Calligraphy love.

    So thinking ahead to Valentine's Day got me all in a calligraphy mood! I haven't had my calligraphy pen and ink out in a couple of months, and I had some cards that were begging for decoration. Not to mention, I am taking goodies to Charm (the boutique I consign my art at) tomorrow morning. So, that always motivates me to make a few new things!

    I also took some photos of a few other things going to Charm this morning, is time to pick up the girls from school and run to ballet. I will have to post them later. But, I'll give you a hint: remember the "LOVE" letters I used as a chalkboard at this time last year for the KC Parent blog? (It is here, if you want to look back.) Well, those very same letters have gotten a whole new life for this year!

    So, come back to see what's next!



    I love Emily (and calligraphy!)

    Of course, we've never met. (Emily Jones & I, that is.) But, I am pretty sure if we did, we'd be instant besties. First of all, she's a graphic designer, too. And she even designs stationery and invitations (like me!) And she's super-duper fashion forward (OK, I strive to be although aren't yoga pants a lot more comfy?) Also, she's got adorable little ones (which we KNOW I have covered!) So, as you can tell I've been a big big fan of her blog, Emily Jones Design Company for a long time now.

    So, I was just too excited when today, in my little email box, came this new blog posting from Emily about how she's learning calligraphy, because I wrote a couple of months about this fantastic online course I took from I Still Love Calligraphy this summer. (See my original posting about it here). And guess what?! Yep, Emily is taking this exact course! I just knew we were meant to be BFFs, right? So, the Raspberry Prairie banner (top) is one of my attempts, as well as this piece (left). Why don't you pop over to visit Emily and see how she's coming along? (And while you're there let her know that I am really a fairly normal gal, and do not stalk for new best friends....very often.)