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    Inspiration a la calligraphy practice

    I decided to finally try my white ink! What do you think? I am having fun with expirementing with a few different styles. Just tweaking my "look" and how to make it flow. It isn't perfect, but it sure is one of the most sure-fire ways I know to switch yourself into left-brain mode quick! I am ready to do some more! Anyone doing modern calligraphy these days? I'd love it if you'd link up to your work.


    My new most favorite thing...

    Well, I probably shouldn't say new. Because I've always LOVED calligraphy. I can't tell you how many of those hideous blunt pens with the built-in ink cartridges I've had over the years...oh. my. And that old-school lettering, that looked like it was done by a guy in tights wearing a hat with a feather coming out of it, and he just plucked the feather right out and dipped it and started writing some sort of proclimation with an old English accent, right? Wrong. Not anymore! Have you seen the drool-worthy calligraphy online these days?

    Plurabelle CalligraphyThere are so many, but here are just a few. I love the colors, the styling, and the variety that can be achieved using a pointed pen. So, I actually stumbled upon an amazing calligrapher offering an online class and I've been doing a little practicing, and voila! With the help of the amazing Melissa Esplin, from I Still Love Calligraphy, I've been able to get a little bit of of my own lettered style going. Now, it of course would never compare to Melissa's's a little saying she penned. These are the types of projects I look forward to doing more of, as I am such a sucker for happy little sayings, ya know?

    Melissa EsplinSo, I feel super lucky to have gotten personalized feeback from Melissa and have been doing lots of practicing...I have a black ink spot on the inside on my middle finger all the time now! But, it has been too much fun. I lettered my new banner up top! I hope to have more sneak peeks to show soon.