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    You're four! You're free! You're busy as a bee.

    Gracie's got this amazing spirit, and a confidence that amazes me. She's bold and she's brave and sometimes a bit of a bruiser. She just goes for it -- and her imagination takes her everywhere. And yet, often times her most favorite place to be is at home, and even in her room. She's got a creative soul. Her dancing and her drawing and her imaginary friends are all unencumbered by life, and schedules and Lucky for her she's a spring break birthday. She'd rather piddle around the house all day, singing, sometimes loudly, and PLAY. Gracie really knows how to play. And so it goes, time passes, and she grows up and surprises us every single day. And today she turns 4. I love this photo of her holding her drawing as it (literally) illustrates her inner-artist. I know Gracie's spunky spirit will take her far in her life. And I hope she'll never stop imagining...and creating...and being full of grace.

    Her sense of fashion at even 2 years old always amazed me. She can take a darling, perfectly matched outfit from Gymboree and mix it up with a contrasting pair of leggings and a tutu and insist that's what she's wearing. (The teachers at school would often say, "we think it is so great you let her dress herself!" All the while I'd smile and think, "someday she'll be designing that little outfit you're wearing!") Instead of one imaginary friend, Gracie has a whole fleet of imaginary engines (all of the trains from Thomas the Train) and she will take them all with her wherever she goes. (I know, I've had to stop the car before when we've forgotten an engine or two.) She also turns her suffed animals into imaginary pets who jump up on her and others and even have personalities of their own. So, today we say happy birthday to our Tabitha Grace! She's a moxie girl all the way, so watch out world! Here comes Gracie and she's 4!


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