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    Be the owl.


    Last night I was tweeting (how ironic?) about the owls in our backyard. On an unseasonably warm March night I wanted to sleep with my window open, and was at first enjoying the breeze when the owl(s) started up -- yes there were at least two, possibly three. And really, how cool, right? "Whoooooo Whoooo" and then "Who-Whooo!" and "Whoo Whoo!" But, let's be honest -- I do not speak owl. And after a while I went from intrgiuged to annoyed. I wanted to be the owl. She is strong and smart. She is confident and still. She can spin her head in all directions and never miss a thing. She can eat whatever she wants and even get rid of the bad stuff. (OK that part is kind of gross, but still, she lives in a treetop so she is the bomb.)

    Which got me to to think about all of the preconceived notions I have about myself. Like being creative but not that creative. Or artsy but not artistic. What kind of things do you let define you? And do those things limit who you are? How about letting go of those things and searching for more?

    I created this owl to remind us to be the owl.

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