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    Entries in Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (2)


    Art class today!

    Check out the outfit Gracie picked out for her first day of art class at the Nelson! Don't tell me this girl isn't an artist in the making? Now, I am a proud mama of course but I have to say, she's got the art genes. She's fiesty and creative, her drawings aren't too shabby, and now she's off to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and nothing's going to stop her!


    Summer is over...

    Since the end of summer is here I got to thinking about our lovely lazy (and hot days) together, and in scrolling through photos came across our last day of school outing. Since tomorrow is my little one's first day of school, let's reminisce. We ran straight down to the Plaza to play in the sculpture garden at the Nelson.

    I brought my Prismacolor markers and we stopped to draw the shuttle cock:

    We even rolled down the grassy hill in front of the silver tree.

    It was a great day, and in looking back it reminds me how important "creative breaks" are for me. It doesn't have to be a museum (though the Nelson has never failed to inspire), a fabric store, paper store, library, book store, or even music festival, concert or funky restaurant will do the trick. So on my school year to-do list: looking for continued inspiration. And good luck to my school girls...the smartest, funniest most inspired kids I know!