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    I'm not the only blogger in the house.

    I guess I should say my husband and I are not the only bloggers in the house (as he also blogs for work). My 6 year old, Natalie, also started a blog about 6 months ago. She's our big bookworm and not only loves to read, but also loves to write. Her love of books is such a big part of who she is, it seems natural she'd be able to whip up a story in no time. Even though I know that at the age of 6 it can be quite unusual to already be an accomplished author! We are quite proud of her, and I wanted to share her super-cute site with you.

    And because of Natalie's love of reading and my love of the library, we read lots and lots of books in this house. I recently picked up a darling new book (have you seen it yet?) called Full Moon and Star by Lee Bennett Hopkins. It is such a fun book and reminded me so much of a couple of Natalie's stories on her blog. She seems to be facinated with the moons and stars as well and has a couple of entries involving these subjects with quirky personalities added in.

    In  Hopkin's book these two adorable friends both write plays. They are simple stories but with real stage direction that familiarizes children with how stage stories really come together. The play they decide to write together has three acts, and at the end they decide to remain friends forever. It is a genuine story with great art. I was as taken as the girls! (Maybe moreso?)

    Natalie's best stories are inspired by the books she's read. I love to see how she can take a story and give it her spin, often making it even more interesting and sometimes silly, too. Feel free to check out Natalie's site, and I'll keep you posted on what we're reading and writing about here as well.

    If you're interested in Full Moon and Star, you can  get it here: Full Moon and Star