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    Growing up I always wished my name were Zoey. It was the most exotic name I had ever heard. I didn't dislike Lori, the nickname my parents gave my immediately after naming me Lauren, which is the name I took back after graduating from college. Even though by then everyone I knew called me Goldie, short for my maiden name, Goldberg. And still short for my married name, Goldman. All that to say I've always had sort of an identity crisis. I am not the typical creative. But, I am also not the typical suburban mom of two, living just minutes from the wide-open prairies and big blue skies of the Kansas plains.

    I started out as a writer. I was supposed to be a journalist. I ended up a designer. I still think of myself as a journalist. See, I design magazines, I layout editorial and I create communicative design. But I also make stationery and sew and paint furniture and love type.

    Also, I married a writer. But, he's still a writer, definitely a journalist, and specifically a magazine editor. Along with making lots of magazines, we also made two little girls. As it turns out, the marriage of art + copy = lots of creative inspiration! And I hope it will inspire you. So, get out there! It's a wide-open prairie and the creative opporunities are plentiful. Let's play, inspire and create. The idea is yours so grab it up!

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